Hacker Ways To Hack Facebook Account Without Password

One of the most asked questions that pop up on the Internet is "How to hack Facebook?" Many of us badly would like to hack the Facebook account of someone else, but it's not an easy task, at least for someone who is new.


While there are a lot of websites that offer tools and methods to hack Facebook however, many are fraudulent. Hacking tools are risky. The majority of them will hack your Facebook account, not the target user.


If someone is able to hack facebook account, it indicates that they have an account takeover security vulnerability affecting FB. It is possible to sell it on an illegal black market for millions of dollars. They could be rewarded with instant fame and thousands of dollars as compensation if they disclose the vulnerability in a legitimate manner through a bug bounty programs.


What do they gain by posting their methods on the internet for no cost? What benefits do they receive when they create a tool or software based on it?


The free hacking tools that are available on the Internet are fake. Do not waste your time searching for hack tools.


How can a large number get their accounts hacked in the event that every Facebook Account Hacking methods need technical expertise?


There are some methods like Phishing that can be done easily using the resources available through the Internet. These Facebook hacking techniques can be found here.


The doorway you are standing on may not be used by a burglar to gain access to your home. Hackers may not require your password to hack your Facebook account all the all the time. In reality, the majority of time a password is not necessary for a hacker to access your Facebook account.


Hackers do not employ tricks to make it appear effortless. Hackers accomplish this in a difficult way. They are up all night researching to find a security vulnerability affecting Facebook. It's not difficult to hack an account after they've found a security flaw.


We will discuss some Facebook hacking techniques that were discovered through the bug bounty that could have let anyone access any FB account without a password. All of the techniques are now removed by the Facebook team. However, you'll be able to have a good idea of the ways hackers can hack into an account without knowing the password. If you would like to learn more about the process look up the links in each of the methods.

You can hack any Facebook account with an SMS message sent from a mobile phone


This vulnerability allows users to access their account hack facebook account within a few seconds. It is all you need is an active mobile phone number. This vulnerability was discovered at the endpoint for confirm mobile numbers, where users verify their mobile numbers. This vulnerability's exploit is very simple. The below format is the best way to send your message


Hack any Facebook account using Brute Force Attack


This flaw was discovered at Facebook's reset password access point. This option allows users to reset their password using their phone number or email address.


A 6-digit code will be sent to the user to verify whether the request is made by the individual concerned. The user is then able to change their password using the 6 digit verification code.


You can't try multiple combinations of this code for more than 10-12 times because the FB server temporarily blocks the account.


Hacking any Facebook account using Brute Force Attack


Initial rejection of the bug was made by the security team, they claimed that they were unable to reproduce the bug. After a few weeks the vulnerability was recognized and the patch was made available in the time that the security team was able to reproduce the vulnerability.


Hacking any Facebook account with a Cross Site Request Forgery Attack


To carry out the hacking to complete the hacking attack, the victim needs to visit an online site (in the browser that permits the user to login to Facebook).


This issue was discovered in the Facebook email address endpoint. A user can claim an email address by claiming it. However, no server-side validation was performed to determine who is who is making the request. This permits any FB account to be able to claim an email.


You must obtain the email claim URL before making an CSRF attack page. Try to switch the email address of your account to an email address that you already use as an FB account. If your email is owned by you, you'll be asked to verify your identity.


Hack any Facebook account with CSRF


The technique employed in this case is similar to that described above. To make the attack work, the victim must go to the website of the attacker.


The vulnerability was discovered in the contact importer endpoint. A request to FB server to include the email in the contact book of the user's Microsoft Outlook contact book is initiated when the user is authorized by Facebook.


You can accomplish this by using the using the Find contacts feature within the attacker's Facebook account. After that, you will discover the following request that was sent to the Facebook server (use an intercepting proxy such as burp)


Hack any Facebook user's Photo/Video Albums


This vulnerability was discovered by me in 2015 that allowed me to remove all albums on facebook account. Albums with thousands of photos and videos can be wiped immediately without having to contact the owner.

Graph API is the principal method of communication between server and third party applications that are native to the. Albums node of Graph API endpoint was vulnerable to unsecure object references, and it permitted me to issue any user's album ID in order to process the deletion.